Kuttanadan Punjayile - Kerala Boat Song (Vidya English Remix)


Kuttanadan Punjayile - Kerala Boat Song (Vidya English Remix) (ft. Jomy George & Shankar Tucker)

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Official video for D.C. based singer and songwriter Vidya Vox's 2016 cover of the traditional Kerala Boat song "Kuttunadan Punjayile", featuring Jomy George and Shankar Tucker.

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Hey guys! Here is my take on the famous Kerala Boat Song -"Kuttanadan Punchayile." Shankar and I thought it would be fun to write some lyrics and melody lines around it - so all the English parts were written by us! Happy listening!

Huge thanks to Sreenidhi & Sreedevi for dancing so beautifully! Also, thank you to Jayashankar, Shanu Kalarikkal, Kalashashtri & Jomy for helping arrange everything for the shoot!

Videography: Shankar Tucker & Zuhair Sait
Video & Audio production: Shankar Tucker

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