Sebastian Azul - Awareness is Power


Artist name: Sebastian Azul
Song name: Awareness is Power
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Sebastian Azul is an awareness artist, songwriter, producer and mental health advocate who channels his talents towards bringing light to those who are lost in the darkness. 

Born in Angola and raised in Great Britain Azul, is a musician to the core, who is able to call on a wide array of influences and genres to create tracks that are both conscious and skillful.
Working under the title Awareness is Power, Azul has committed himself to raising the profile of those suffering from mental disorders. With each successive track he hopes to break down the stigmas associated with mental health, particularly amongst men, as well as providing comfort and solace for those who are suffering but too afraid to speak out.

Azul’s ability to broadcast a message that is designed to both uplift and educate. Too be certain, there is not much out there that tackles these issues in such a brave and caring manner.
Whether informed by his own struggles or those of his family and community, Azul turns these real life experiences into stories that motivate and inspire. 

Having already released enough tracks to fill two albums, Azul’s style is one that balances awareness with mainstream sensibilities. Without being attached to a particular genre he allows his inspiration and experience to be the guide for the message. As comfortable with hip hop and R&B as he is with dance and pop, Azul finds the right combination for the most effective connection. Not your typical artist or producer, Sebastian Azul’s music is real, authentic and sensitive. Unafraid and unapologetic by commercial appeal. Sebastian Azul is one of a kind.

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