DJ Chart feat. Gillian Baci - Weekend


(Album: New 80s) 

Of course, when we talk about the 80s, we're not only talking about one-hit wonders like "Take On Me" or "You Spin Me Right Round". Great songs they may be, but that colourful decade gave much more than just future karaoke hits. It was a decade that revolutionized the art of the synth. The Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer, Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer, and Roland D-50 Synthesizer are only scraping the long list of analogue synthesizers that gave life to an endless era of infectious pop, foot-tapping rock, and the beginning of a mind-warbling electronic genre. A beginning that seemed to find its footing again in 2020.

More than anywhere else, the 80s were a large influence on electronic music this year. Many producers flocked to the idea of psychedelic synths and analogue sounds. 

One of the best producer at time is Ivan Herb, aka Dj Chart. Dj Chart is a talented artist, and song creator originally from St. Gallen, Switzerland. His career is just incredible, over 25 years of successes, incredible music collaborations with tens of great artists, spanning on all kinds of music! Dj-Chart is one of those artists that can turn every track into a Hit, thanks to his unique style and incredible musicality!He has released over 240 songs to date with various styles and chart successes around the world. DJ Chart’s music is also played on TV in many countries, as far afield as Germany, Hungary, and the USA, etc. However, "Weekend” ft. Gillian Baci, is the type of track that breaks through genre barriers and defines a new signature sound for this artist.

DJ Chart has expanded his sound into something more melodic and emotional, which draws the listener into an atmospheric soundscape derived from the most inner imagination of is producer.

Above anything, the track showcases DJ Chart’s superb production talent and his excellent understanding of music. "Weekend” ft. Gillian Baci is to be appreciated on a different level than your typical jump-around banger.

More songs in the his new album "The New 80s" uses the style of synth-pop, which is one of the 80s electronic music styles that many listeners love. 17 new music tracks to listen to on the Dj Chart' official Spotify page.

Now let’s go back to the 80s and enjoy an auditory feast!

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