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About B.A.M.A

B.A.M.A, an artist out of Colorado Springs by way of Phoenix City, Alabama. 

I have been rapping since the infamous high school lunch battles and freestyles. It was then when I realized I had a gift and just needed to tap into it and take it seriously. 

I began uploading music to Soundcloud and noticed that people were taking notice, so I then went into the lab full force to create music that can be heard and loved by the masses. 

B.A.M.A has dreams of becoming a successful artist and a great businessman. Together with the right backing can become one of the greatest to ever touch the mic and/or stage. 

The military taught me structure and the streets taught me hustle. Adjust your ears to B.A.M.A.for booking call 910-318-5631 or email dbmpatl@hotmail.com.

B.A.M.A x Mansion, Out Now! Click Link for Preferred Music Platform:

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