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Dance music has been popular in music industry since 1950s. A couple of vocalists in soundcloud have begun releasing dance music melding with EDM. Well, Xenia is one of the artists who like creating tunes in dance and EDM genre. She is a gifted vocalist, musician and maker initially from Russia who wishes to gain high appreciation amongst the thousands in soundcloud. "Set Me Free" is her new single that is accepting great measure of plays count. This melody showcases a new concept and its rhythm and verses are different from thousand other tunes in soundcloud.

Dance music has a close connection to electronic music. This new song "Set Me Free" is described as fascinating melody. From DJ to party people – everybody will love hearing to her new creation. The pleasant combination of dance and EDM is laudable. 

Xenia wants to reach the best position in music industry. Her new music “Set Me Free”  is increasing immense fan base in a brief period. This new song marks the evolution of this multi talent artist who fascinates with her creativity. Visit soundcloud to know more about this great artist!

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