Phil Mitchell Band - The World is a Beautiful Place


Elena Ravelli on lead vocals 
(Album: A Better World) 


Phil Mitchell is a composer, author, and musician from Chicago. Mitchell began writing songs as a child and has written an eclectic range of songs in various styles including jazz, classical, r&b, rock, blues, and country.

The Phil Mitchell Band has been writing and playing live shows since forming in 2004. During all this years together performing, the band has released greats albums and this year Mitchell released a brand new album: A Better World

The Phil Mitchell Band’s new album will undoubtedly be an all-encompassing experience for the listener. Targeted at a diverse audience, the album will feature the quote writer’s signature style of integrating a variety of sounds. Echoing the influence of Celtic music, Classical music, Pop music, and Electronic Dance music, A Better World is literally what it says, a brand-new experience for any music fan.

With A Better World, Mitchell seeks to achieve likewise with well-known singers like Natasha Sheyenne, Lisanne Veenendaal, and Joda Omi being featured in the venture. Backing up the singers on the musical venture is none other than guitarist Alvaro Soto.

As one of the best Indie Rock groups to come out of Chicago, The Phil Mitchell Band has always been successful in the past for their unique musical collaborations. Band members blend perfectly in sync to produce flawlessly musical harmony. It may not be wrong to expect a lot out of A Better World as the perfect release for the Christmas music season.

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