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About Hypnôxy

Hypnôxy is an electronic dance music Dj producer and remixer. Born in October 9th, 1983 in the South of France, he is fascinated very young by music. 

After studying music at the Conservatory, he follows a course in theater workshops and theatrical expression in Paris.

He begins his career as a songwriter and performer for pop bands with whom he performed at European concerts. 

Influenced by the Euro dance movement of the 90s, he gets passionate about sound and becomes a producer director for DJs and pop dance groups and remix for artists from the electro scene.

Knowledge and experience acquired, he then produces his first EDM titles that will open the doors of Dijing. The hypnotic "Ô" of his stage name is his visual and scenic identity.




The song "Bad Love" is now on high rotation on RSD Network radio station. So tune in and turn up the volume!

Click here to see Bad Lord Lyrics

1st verse: Rapper (male) representing humanity abusing nature/mother earth, “the Pachamama”:

I impose my codes, with all my hordes, I am discord, I am the lord And everyday, I make my way I leave my mark, leave you in the dark, I do what I want, the rest does not count What's the amount, no commitment I'm not ashamed to be that lame Master of flames, the one who condemns, Hide your treasures, we're consummers I will devour, I'll make you poor, I take I throw, I eat it all, I kill people, I am a traitor... I am the traitor… Nothing can stop me…

2nd verse:

I'm malicious, even vicious A bit pretencious and not cautious, Take all my waste, do what it takes To sort it out, to bring it out It is not fair but I just don't care I'm your nightmare, breathing you air I use nature to have power In the future, it won't be better Virtual world, where big bucks swirl lives got disturbed, reality blurred I prefer screens, to the rising sun, Online meetings to conversations Enjoy the carnage… You're my hostage… Over the ages…

Bridge: Nature/mother earth, “the Pachamama” (Female Singer) answers to him:

Bad lord... Bad lord... You live, you grow, you challenge me You live, you grow, you make me dizzy You modernize, paralyze me, you exhaust me You feel guilty, find some humanity, then forget it I can forgive, but do not believe this is how you are going to live

3rd verse: Nature/mother earth, “the Pachamama” (Female Singer) answers to him:

For sure you will get what you deserve Reap what you sow, You'll get what you deserve (bad lord…) For sure you will get what you deserve What did you expect?...

Contact/Booking : contact@hypnoxy.com
Website : www.hypnoxy.com

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