Ciara, Chris Brown - How We Roll


Ciara and Chris Brown have joined forces to ignite the stage with their latest music video, "How We Roll."

The video commences with CiCi and Breezy playfully inviting each other to their respective parties, sparking a friendly competition to see who can host the most epic bash.

The dynamic duo kicks off the track with a flawless fusion of laidback vibes and groovy R&B beats. Ciara takes center stage, exuding confidence and style in an all-black ensemble, complemented by a sleek pair of Nike Air Command Forces. Chris Brown enters the scene with his signature charisma, donning a vibrant scarlet and white varsity jacket reminiscent of his iconic "Kiss Kiss" music video. As the song reaches its crescendo, Ciara and Chris mesmerize with their impeccable dance moves, effortlessly channeling the spirit of the legendary Michael and Janet Jackson.

The video's captivating visuals transport us to a shared house party, where Ciara and Chris, accompanied by backup dancers, synchronize their dance routines, creating an atmosphere of pure exhilaration. "How We Roll" not only celebrates the bliss of a beautiful summer day but also serves as a heartfelt tribute to love and companionship, with CiCi showering affection on her husband, Russell Wilson.

In this electrifying collaboration, Ciara and Chris Brown once again prove why they are hailed as exceptional artists in the music industry. With Ciara's mesmerizing dance skills and powerful vocals and Chris Brown's unparalleled talent for singing and dancing, "How We Roll" is sure to get everyone on their feet, grooving to the infectious beats and reveling in the spirit of jubilation.

Both Ciara and Chris Brown have garnered immense acclaim and devoted fan bases throughout their careers. Ciara's influence in R&B and pop music is unmatched, while Chris Brown's versatility and chart-topping hits have solidified his position as one of the industry's brightest stars.

When these two incredible talents collaborate, the result is an electrifying musical experience that leaves audiences craving more. "How We Roll" is a testament to their exceptional artistry, capturing the essence of their passion for music and their dedication to entertaining their fans worldwide.

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