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Mary Jane Biography

Mary Jane is a creative entrepreneur; a singer and songwriter with a mystical approach to delivering alternative pop/soulful music. She has been a self-taught painter and drawer for most of her life, where this passion still ties into her music. Mary Jane aims to tie in both the visual and auditory sense with her creations.

Mary Jane discovered her love for singing and dancing in 2019, where that love sparked a fire within. This inspired her to go above and beyond for her dreams, even to the point of having an at-home studio to record music daily.

Check out worker bee, the official music video, on youtube now! also be sure to follow her on soundcloud and spotify for new releases, and instagram for updates and positive vibes! Much love to you all! 

About the song

The way society works has taken away a lot of creative freedom, well freedom in general... work has become 9 to 5 shifts or just long shifts during the day, long hours during the week, and only working to support oneself or a family. although it is much needed to have a job in order to support, it is still a system that really drags on one's soul. once one gets home from work, that person is tired and drained from using all of their energy at their job. we are trained since elementary school for the work force. we are trained to be the perfect worker bees for the system we live in. we are trained to not have time for ourselves, to use all of our energy towards working on something, and thus we lose the enjoyment of life. life is meant to be stress free, we are meant to be expressive in our own talents, and we are meant to enjoy the ride. so take this message from this song: enjoy your life and find your passion. let your passion lead you to something great. 

Also, HUGE shout out to raven hooper for helping me film this video. it was super enjoyable to work with her, and i am so excited to continue this musical journey with her. she is super awesome, go follow her. she helped me make a video for a song that really means a lot to me, she deserves so much love. 

Much love to all of you who listen and watch. may you receive many blessings. 

Mary Jane

Directed by mary jane
Editor: raven hooper
cinematographer: raven hooper

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