DJ (i)MG Beatz feat. Cleva Thoughts & Isis Diamondz - Evolving

DJ (i)MG Beatz feat. Cleva Thoughts & Isis Diamondz - Evolving


Evolving - DJ (i)MG Beatz: A Fusion of Dance and Rap Harmony with Cleva Thoughts & Isis Diamondz

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, Michel Geißdorf, known as DJ (i)MG Beatz, takes center stage with his latest track, "Evolving." This rhythm-infused masterpiece not only showcases his prowess as a music producer but also introduces an engaging collaboration with American artists Cleva Thoughts and Isis Diamondz.

Michel Geißdorf, alias DJ (i)MG Beatz, is a young music producer and Dance-Pop/Hip-Hop artist from Germany, serving as the official DJ of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Basketball, presented by Adidas & Endesa under the pseudonym DJ Plug. 
Following successes in the French iTunes Album Charts, ranking 5th in the Electronic Music Genre and 93rd across all genres with his debut album "Michel," as well as achieving positions in the US iTunes TOP 100 Single Charts with his remix of "Love is a Drug" by Lerumo in the Extended Single Edition, and charting on Apple Music Shazam Charts in the USA & Canada with singles like "Ride With You" and "I Know You See Me," along with his recent success in the Spotify Top 50 Charts in Austria at position 2 and in Switzerland with the single "NICE," Michel Geißdorf has solidified his presence by collaborating with renowned brands such as Mercedes-Benz and internationally successful artists.
In 2023, DJ (i)MG Beatz signed a management deal with the producer collective "The HiHats" (Atlantic Records & Asylum Records), maintaining his independence and making a significant mark in the entertainment industry.

The track "Evolving" represents another milestone in DJ (i)MG Beatz's career, highlighting his artistic evolution and the ability to create a musical experience that transcends cultural boundaries. The dynamic interaction between DJ (i)MG Beatz's rap vocals and the lyrical sophistication of Cleva Thoughts and Isis Diamondz gives the track a unique charm. The international collaboration goes beyond musical elements, translating into a cross-cultural fusion that celebrates diversity and unity in the universal language of music.

With "Evolving" now available on all major digital streaming platforms, listeners are invited to make a discovery. The track not only solidifies DJ (i)MG Beatz's status as an emerging star in the international music scene but also presents the compelling artistry of Cleva Thoughts and Isis Diamondz to the world. As the beats resonate and the verses unfold, "Evolving" invites music enthusiasts to embark on a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and celebrates the beauty of collaboration in the world of music.

Check out this link for streaming and purchasing the song 'Evolving' on all major digital platforms:

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