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Mandie NRG has been creating Eurobeat music for a few years now! A long-time fan of Eurobeat and EDM, she has an intense familiarity with Dance music.

Mandie started creating Eurobeat discussion content on YouTube in 2019. In Spring 2021, she teamed up with Nick Festari to create the ultimate synopsis of the Eurobeat genre, LET'S MAKE A SONG ABOUT EUROBEAT. LMASAE (as it is affectionately called) is a fan-driven crazy narrative of Eurobeat. The single hosts the incredible voices of Ken Blast, Miriam K., Mega NRG Man - as well as the track's two producing forces of Nick Festari and Mandie NRG.

Mandie NRG's first solo song, BAD MAN, dropped Summer 2022. Her music has been published by Avex Japan, with her first CD song release DOKI DOKI BEAT coming out Fall 2022 on The Best of Super Eurobeat 2022!

Mandie provides song direction, writes lyrics, and sings for a Eurobeat brand she is partnered with Nick Festari on, Hybrid Mix.

BOOM BOOM LOVE ME is Mandie's newest single! This time, a project between Mandie and a Japanese producer with many published singles, PROTEUS (Nobuyuki Koshita).

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