Ronmivida - El Momento

Ronmivida - El Momento


Ronmivida is a German American music producer known for specializing in the genres of dance, edm, and house music. In 2022 launched the Ronmivida project, and in 2012 he founded the company Rmusicproductions. Since then, he has worked with several national and world-renowned artists. Including Cheryl Green, Fabian Schreiber, Samer (Colombia), Tilmann Höhn Guitar and Ulf Kleiner, one of Germany’s most talented pianist who supports likes of chill-pop luminary Max Herre, world DJ Paul van Dyk.

Delving into the music scene at the age is 14, Ronmivida learned the guitar and released his first record with the band, The Dawn, in the late 1980s. He achieved further successes with the band, Cloudes over Eden, after being offered a first option contract and a record deal. Broadening his musical landscape during the next decade, he performed as a DJ in Frankfurt’s dance and house music scene. In the 1990s at the Pussycat in Wiesbaden. Since 2012, Ronmivida produced the singles, “Seelenspiegel”, “Diese eine Nacht”, “Anker” and the album “Kokon” for German pop artist Cheryl Green, as well as singles for Fabian Schreiber including “Weißt Du noch”, “Nimm meine Hand”, and “Ich danke Dir”.

Propelling his artistry to the next level, Ronmivida released his 2022 debut single entitled "Boy." This dynamic track served as a foundation for his ever-growing success. Building on the momentum of every triumph, Ronmivida continues to captivate audiences with his musical prowess. Most recently, he unveiled his newest single, "El Momento."

This mesmerizing track effortlessly showcases the incredible vocal talents of Alicia Orozco, infusing the Spanish-language masterpiece with a touch of pure magic. Boasting infectious beats and captivating lyrics, "El Momento" possesses all the necessary ingredients to become a sizzling summer hit. 

With his relentless dedication to creating exceptional music, Ronmivida looks towards many great songs and releases that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact. Ronmivida's artistry knows no bounds, and his latest release only solidifies his position as a visionary artist. Brace yourself for an enchanting musical journey as you immerse yourself in the undeniable brilliance of "El Momento." 

Prepare to be captivated by its captivating melodies and be part of the global recognition this extraordinary song deserves. It's a dazzling gem that will undoubtedly enrapture music aficionados worldwide.

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