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Daniel Evans is a Christian Rapper who has been writing songs since He was 10 years old. His first album is called Nothing Going To Stop me which is talking about Nothing is Going To stop Him from praising God.

Nothing Going To Stop Me is available to purchase of Itunes, apple music, and Amazon. 

Daniel Evans released His sophomore album called Ministry On The Mic, in 2014, which is talking about Christian Rap being His Ministry, and letting you know Your talent ,basketball player , football player, or whatever job you do can be your Ministry.

Danie'l's song Hope for The world off of His Ministry On The Mic Ep made the top spot and ranked #1 on Stellar Nominated Internet Radio Station New Praise Radio in 2016, and stayed #1 for a month. 

Daniel's song Glorifying You off His Ministry On The Mic EP which features Bama king Robertson & Jess made the # 15 ranking on New Praise Radio in 2017. Daniel Evans album , Ministry on The Mic was rereleased on itunes, apple Music, and all digital stores March 12th 2020. 

Daniel Evans Junior Project Tight Christ Lyrics 2 song singe was released on March 29th 2020. It's available to purchase at all digital stores as well. Daniel has been aired on numerous stations, including am/fm and internet stations. He loves to rap in His community, but also, is looking to do more Regional gigs, and a couple National gigs a year too. 

Daniel is also in The Christian rap group Prolific which consists of Daniel Evan, and Bama King. Daniel is the CEO of His own Record label Glorifying God Entertainment. Daniel Evans is also Radio Show Host of Radio Show Hope For The World which airs on radioluv.com and tune in radio.

Live performance video


talking: yeah Hope For The World ,cause you know we all fail without the precious blood of Jesus and what He's done for us! but  Here is the Answer Hope For The World

Hook: This Only Hope For The World Man  The Only Hope for The World ,cause you know we all fail.

verse. Here is some Hope This is not a joke though my heart be feeling like it's broke ,folks getting smoked, some even choked. it's like this people going crazy they be up in a mix on the devil hit list.
some lost some kins ,some lost there honey ,yeah they was making it ,but now the lost there money
I hurt for them, because of what they in, yet I still be rejoicing, cause God has a plan. I' m taking a stand.
I'm trying to reach the G's and the streets . I'm coming sharper then cleets with the gospel of peace.
There be hope for you That's why I'm trying to reach you as iIm balling with the calling
A big dog like Scooby Doo!

Hook: This only hope For The world Man . The only Hope For The world cause you know we all fail.

The Christian ways it's not just a phrase ,but I'm giving God praise I'm coming Tight on The Mic ,cause He's the ancient of days.

My purpose is to reach out to the lost . That 's the order from my boss, as I'm shinning the light. That shines so bright.
trust in God ,and Jesus Christ ,and receive Eternal life.

Hook: Only Hope For The World man. The Only Hope For The world cause you know we all fail.

bridge. He's only Hope For The World. He's only Hope For The World Jesus He's  Only  for the world.
He's the hope for the world. He's the hope for the world He's only hope for the world.
Hook:He's only Hope For The world man. He's The only Hope For The World man. The only Hope For The world cause you know we all fail.

talking. Yeah and that Hope is no other then Jesus Christ accept Him, in your life and receive that Hope. He's The answer hope for the world.

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