Kraken Kramer - Planned Collateral

Kraken Kramer - Planned Collateral


Kraken Kramer Unveils Mesmerizing Melodies in "Planned Collateral"

Melbourne-based producer Kraken Kramer is poised to captivate listeners with his upcoming album SISTREN AARIA, set for release on December 1st. Offering a sneak peek into this highly anticipated collection, Kramer has unveiled "Planned Collateral," a tantalizing track available exclusively on SoundCloud ahead of the album's drop.

Known for his blend of EDM, improvised, and instrumental elements, Kraken Kramer infuses "Planned Collateral" with a unique melodic style that traverses the realms of introspection and playfulness. The track is a testament to his love for diverse musical influences, drawing from dance traditions while embracing an experimental and contemplative approach.

"Planned Collateral" immediately envelops the audience in a sonic journey, where vibrant melodies intertwine with pulsating beats, creating a tapestry of sound that's both immersive and dynamic. Kramer's deft production skills are evident as the track weaves through different layers, each unveiling a new facet of his musical prowess.

The allure of Kraken Kramer's music lies in its ability to transport listeners to a realm where the boundaries between genres blur, allowing for an organic and entrancing musical experience. His deliberate exploration of diverse musical landscapes results in a track that is as engaging as it is innovative.

With its impending release, SISTREN AARIA promises to be a compelling testament to Kraken Kramer's artistry, offering a cohesive journey through his diverse influences and sonic experiments.

Stay tuned for the full release of SISTREN AARIA on December 1st, available on all major streaming platforms. In the meantime, dive into the captivating world of Kraken Kramer's "Planned Collateral" on SoundCloud and prepare to be swept away by its mesmerizing melodies.

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