Roboman - Let's Dance Like Robots (EP)

Roboman - Let s Dance Like Robots (EP)


"Let's Dance Like Robots" by Roboman: An Electrifying EP and a 2023 Hit for TuneCore Rewind

The series of remixes of "Let's Dance Like Robots" by Roboman, featured in the 2023 EP consisting of a total of 5 tracks, has caught the attention of TuneCore Rewind as one of the major hits of the year.

The EP, a collection of electronic variations of this captivating anthem, has been enthusiastically received by fans of electro-futuristic dance music. An electrifying energy resonates throughout the tracks, reflecting the collaboration between Roboman, whose alter ego is David Fox, along with Mario. This synergy has propelled the song to new levels of recognition in the 2023 music scene.

Roboman, with his visionary creativity, invites listeners to join in a celebration of their robotic side through irresistible rhythms and engaging melodies, conveying the impactful message of conquering the world together.

David Fox, co-writer, and vocal performer brings his vast experience in country and rock music, while Mario contributes his unique and innovative touch to the creation of this EP.

The collaboration of talents and the variety of tracks make this EP one of the most resonant productions of 2023. As TuneCore Rewind seeks to identify the top hits of the year, the "Let's Dance Like Robots" EP by Roboman emerges as a significant contribution to the current music landscape.

With its combination of overwhelming energy and musical innovation, Roboman's "Let's Dance Like Robots" EP is definitely a front-runner to be recognized as one of the top hits of the year, confirming the exceptional talent of those who worked behind the scenes.

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