CK West & Co. - Out of Control (Remixes)

CK West & Co. - Out of Control (Remixes)


Fresh off the production line of CK West & Co. comes the electrifying remixes of their hit track "Out of Control." Steering away from the conventional, this musical ensemble delivers a unique blend of Electronic Body Music (EBM) infused with a pulsating bassline, creating an irresistibly groovy and danceable experience.

The remixes breathe new life into the original track, offering a fresh perspective while retaining the essence of the original composition. With a nod to the mystical, CK West & Co. weave a sonic tapestry that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting listeners on a journey of sonic exploration.

From the first beat to the last, the remixes of "Out of Control" exude energy and innovation, showcasing CK West & Co.'s versatility and prowess in the realm of electronic music. Whether you're on the dance floor or immersing yourself in the music from the comfort of your own space, these remixes are sure to ignite your senses and keep you moving to the rhythm.

Stay tuned as CK West & Co. continue to push the boundaries of electronic music, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene with their groundbreaking soundscape.

Music, Arrangement & Production: CK West (CK West Music)
Lyrcis & Voices: Sassi K

Label: HOT Music  (LC 50763)
Video & Cover by CK West Music


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