Gianluca Zanna & Claudette Lyons - Just Feel it

Gianluca Zanna & Claudette Lyons - Just Feel it

"Just Feel It"
The Hypnotic Magic of Gianluca Zanna and Claudette Lyons

Video Introduction: "Just Feel It"

Let us take you on an enchanting musical journey with the video for "Just Feel It." This is much more than a mere music video; it's a hypnotic experience that captures the soul and frees the mind. The song, written and produced by two eclectic talents, Gianluca Zanna and Claudette Lyons, is a captivating dance hit that will make you move your body while simultaneously liberating you from negative thoughts. Both artists are also professional hypnotherapists, and this influence is reflected in their music, which enchants and unleashes the imagination.

"Just Feel It" - Music and Lyrics by Gianluca Zanna and Claudette Lyons

The video for "Just Feel It" is an engaging visual journey that perfectly accompanies the powerful energy of the song. The visuals and choreographed sequences invite you to completely surrender to the music, to be carried away by the infectious rhythm and the emotions unleashed by Claudette Lyons' vocals and Gianluca Zanna's musical mastery.

For more information on this extraordinary video and the creative universe of Gianluca Zanna and Claudette Lyons, visit the official website: www.LoveInsedona.US.

Gianluca Zanna: The Master of Musical Synthesis

One of the geniuses behind "Just Feel It" is Gianluca Zanna, a prolific songwriter who views his craft as a passionate vocation rather than simply a job. This love for what he does is transmitted when he writes the lyrics and melodies of a song, and it's evident in his dedication to technical details and perfection.

Zanna is a rare paradox: fearless yet attentive as he works on compositions with structure, rhythm, and energy, skillfully guiding his listeners on epic journeys to the invisible and powerful realm of air and fire - Music. He is a master of synthesis and an eternal student of the greats, understanding that significant innovations in music involve merging established styles, reworking various elements, and creating something fresh and memorable.

His passion for music was born in Italy, where he was born in Rome. After an idyllic childhood by the sea, listening to his grandfather's serenades and immersing himself in epic cinematic scores and fantasy in his family's movie theater, he entered a much more sterile and even harsh environment: boarding school. From the age of 10, he grew up in the Italian National Boarding School "Convitto Nazionale," and later graduated from the elite Military Academy Nunziatella, the oldest Military School in the world.

During his time at Convitto Nazionale, Gianluca discovered the magic of music, which allowed him to escape to another universe. Instead of playing soccer, he began writing songs, both lyrics and melodies. Serendipitously, he found some old instruments in the school's attic and, using them, taught himself to play a bit of guitar, bass, and drums. At the same time, as a young teenager, he studied Ancient Latin and Ancient Greek, where he developed a love for the great Italian poets of the classical past, such as Ovid, Catullus, and Petrarch, leading to Dante and then D'Annunzio. He admired their ability to convey feelings and images in a few brief phrases as a way to fight for what they believed in, whether it was love, freedom, or other humanistic values. In every spare moment, inspired, he found happiness writing his own poetry in a special little notebook, filling it with what would become the lyrics to his songs.

After years of world travel and windsurfing adventures around the globe (from the South Pacific to the Canary Islands), still in Italy, before legally immigrating to America, Gianluca Zanna became one of the youngest publishers in the music industry with his music magazine "Contatto Discografico." He also published music books, including "The Vocal Method of Elizabeth Sabine," the vocal coach of rockstars like Megadeth and Axl Rose. He was also a music manager and music producer. Notably, Gianluca Zanna owned the top-level domain names and, among the best in the Sound Effects business.

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