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J-KAL KALIFORNIA: From West Coast to the World's Ears - A Rising Talent to Discover

Video Introduction: "Not Playing"

In today's vast music landscape, emerging artists often bring a unique blend of influences and styles. Among these up-and-coming talents, J-KAL KALIFORNIA, formerly known as Gary Jermaine Smith, stands out as an exciting promise in music, about to unveil an exciting new project. With his new song "Not Playing," J-KAL KALIFORNIA is rapidly gaining recognition and attention, thanks to his ability to skillfully merge elements from different parts of the United States into a unique sonic creation.

"Not Playing" - A Glimpse of the EP:

Some people wait a lifetime to realize their dreams, but for J-KAL KALIFORNIA, this is just the beginning. His single "Not Playing" is currently available on YouTube, teasing the release of his highly-anticipated 5-track EP titled "Not Playing," set to drop in October. This EP will be distributed on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and Apple Music, making his music accessible to a broad global audience.

An Artist with a Versatile Style:

J-KAL KALIFORNIA is notable for his musical versatility. His music embraces influences from different regions of the United States, blending the best of the West Coast, the freshness of the East Coast, the warmth of the South, and the energy of the Midwest. This fusion of sounds creates a unique listening experience that can captivate a diverse audience.

Steady Growth:

Despite still being on the rise, J-KAL KALIFORNIA has already captured the attention of local radios and proven his ability to reach new listeners in various cities and states. His knack for creating catchy and versatile flows has allowed him to move thousands of units, building an ever-expanding following.

Independence and Authenticity:

One of the most distinctive features of J-KAL KALIFORNIA is his artistic independence. After exploring opportunities with several labels, he chose to sign only with his distributor, Awal Music, and create his independent label, F.M.R. Rerecords, which is still in development. This independence has allowed him to take control of all aspects of his career, from production to promotion. He is a true craftsman of his music, writing, composing, recording, mixing, and mastering his tracks, as well as creating his own beats.

Wrapping it up:

J-KAL KALIFORNIA represents the future of music, an authentic and talented artist with a clear vision for his career. With his upcoming EP "Not Playing," he is poised to bring his innovative sound to a global audience. Keep following him on YouTube, and don't forget to listen to his EP when it becomes available on all major streaming platforms in October. This is just the beginning for J-KAL KALIFORNIA, and we are excited to see how he continues to amaze us with his eclectic and passionate music.

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